Kavieng Campus

The Kopkop College Kavieng Campus is located on the outskirts of Kavieng Town along the Mongol Beach front. The school environment is green, well looked after and provides our students a safe and conducive atmosphere. Our Campus is a direct reflection of our guiding principles.


Here at Kopkop College, Kavieng Campus we serve a seamless education experience for students from Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) through to Grade 8. 

Early Childhood Care and Education

Our secondary school have students from Grade Seven up to Grade Twelve. 

Primary School

The Primary School starts from our ECCE up to Grade Eight. 


Here at Kopkop College Kavieng  Campus, we have adequate facilities and resources, that is built to serve our students as they improve the quality of the study environment in the school, thus improving the quality of education we provide.



We have two libraries here at Kopkop College Port Moresby Campus for our Primary School and Secondary School. The two  library plays a great role in the life of our students by serving as the store house of knowledge.

Music Room

Music is part of the Kopkop College Curriculum and the Music room is where  children experience a combination of classroom teaching, instrumental and vocal tuition.

Visual Arts Room

Visual Arts is implemented in Kopkop College and has been part of the curriculum here at Kopkop College and in the Visual Arts room is where students bring out their creativity as well as develop their personality. 

School Canteen

Teaching life skills is part of the Kopkop College Curriculum as it supports students’ personal growth, by providing knowledge, skills and social capital. Students here at Kopkop are taught basic life skills inside the DNT Lab.


A computer laboratory is important in any school to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students. Here at Kopkop College Port Moresby Campus we have two computer labs for our two schools and its where students invest their ICT class time in learning programming, automation and to improve basic computer skills.

College Hall

Our recently completed Kopkop College Hall is in the heart of the school and where most of the school activities such as meetings, and school events are hosted.


Student life is the Golden Period of any person as it will never return. Our events are focused on physical benefits including greater activity level, increased independence and autonomy in what our students do, increased opportunities for social contact and interpersonal relationships and becoming more involved in the community and aware of  their opportunities and what they can hope for themselves as well as increased opportunities for learning and development of important skills, knowledge, education and employment and enhanced well-being, with increases in self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

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Kavieng Campus

Support service

We offer a comprehensive student support services to help keep our students – and their families – safe, healthy and happy. Our student support service is an integral part of our total education program and they partner with parents, community, students and other educators to assist in creating an educational environment conducive of academic, personal, social and career growth of all students.


Our wardens ensures the safety of everyone within the school as well as the school facilities by providing security at the gates and inside the school.


Our Groundsmen looks after the schools flower gardens and trees.


Our Housekeepers keeps the school neat and tidy so that our students and teachers can put their focus on the task at hand as well as it ensures their health and safety.


Our administration team plays a very important role in student development by facilitating the environment ensuring teachers  motivate students and stimulate their long term successes. 


Transportation team

Our school buses picks up and drops off students. Our team of drivers and mechanics ensures the buses are safe and secure to transport students to and from school.

Maintenance team

Our maintenance team maintain and refurbish all of our capital assets including but not limited to, Air Conditioners, Generators, classrooms, etc.



The school library is a central hub supporting every student and staff member here and thanks to our Librarians who organize library materials so teachers and students can easily find what they need.


The College Printer is responsible for clear, prompt and accurate printing of the many documents, booklets and copies that the College requires on a daily basis.

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is primarily responsible for assisting teachers in finding the necessary text books they require and in maintaining the quantity and quality of textbooks used by the students.

Your Future Starts Here.

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Port Moresby Campus
Modiki Drive, Gerehu Stage 2

Kavieng Campus
NIP, Nusa Parade

Our hours

8:00 AM – 4.30 PM
Monday – Friday

8:00 AM – 4.30 PM
Monday – Friday

Contact us

Phone: 326 1822 / 326 2839
Email: admin@kopkopcollege.ac.pg

Phone: 984 2922  / 7959 5694
Email: kopcol.kav@gmail.com