Assessment Period

There are tow (2) assessment period per year


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum embraces the four pillars of education as stated in our schools philosophy

Support Services

The support Services Department provides valuable assistance to our academic staffs and students


Our curriculum embraces the four pillars of education as stated in our schools philosophy and aims to cultivate positive values and attitudes, foster creativity and stimulate an inquiring spirit as well as enriching the students’ intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

 Kopkop College recognize and celebrate those students whose interests, capabilities, values and opinions differ from each other and from our own.

Our school-based curriculum is aligned with the PNG National Curriculum and stresses the importance of a curriculum that is:

  • Outcomes-based
  • Open and flexible

We also value each academic discipline for its unique understanding of the world as we provide all students with a variety of experiences that will supplement their regular academic program and enhance life-long learning and socialization. Our programs offer students a diverse education where their interest can determine their academic program within established guidelines and community support.

Moreover, we provide the support necessary to ensure success for students, and the school as a whole as we accept our role as leaders in promoting the value of education and work hard to instill this value in our students. In addition, we believe that the basic human values of honesty, morality, good citizenship and positive social interaction are important to preserving our traditional way of life.

Since we find diversity in our culture that at times seems to separate rather than unite us as a nation, here we provide students an opportunity to share in these cultural differences and explore the values that contribute to their pride and strength. We see ourselves in the hearts of our neighbors when our School respects and celebrates these differences in our curriculum, activities and staff. While striving toward academic excellence, we believe that learning can best be accomplished through positive nurturing of self-esteem, self-discipline, self-reliance and a sense of accomplishment.

It is our responsibility to be sure all students experience a feeling of success which will in turn develop self-worth, personal integrity and individual dignity.            

Curriculum Aims

Curriculum Goals

Curriculum Principles

Curriculum Rationale



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