Teacher and student COLLECTIVE role to achieve academic excellence

Assessment Period

There are tow (2) assessment period per year


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum embraces the four pillars of education as stated in our schools philosophy

Transport Department

Official College Uniform is to be worn every day to school and official College functions. Uniforms must be clean and tidy at all times

The Teacher At Kopkop College

Quality learning will occur when both Teacher and Student: –

  • Both are actively and purposefully engaged with issues and activities regarded as important;
  • Both are willing to try new things and to take risks in applying strategies to solve problems in conventional or standard and creative ways;
  • Both are involved in the planning of their work and take responsibility for the student’s learning;
  • Both must believe in their own abilities to learn together and are able to discuss and reflect on their own learning;
  • Both works independently on research projects or in groups, and are given the support to do so;
  • Both must be committed and self-motivated and can seek out appropriate resources and help for a variety of sources;
  • Both appreciate, respect and care for the concerns, views and feelings of others in the classes;
  • Both must know that their family and community members are welcome in the school to discuss specialist subjects in line with traditional values;
  • Both must be able to discuss issues that are said to underpin our society such as democracy, culture, fairness, equity and justice and relate them to their own lives;

Both must be able to develop positive relationships with teachers, students and other adults in Kopkop College.