Remedial Assessment

The Remedial Program is in consistent with the “School’s Philosophy for Academic Excellence”. Remedial Work will involve the setting of Extra Home Work as well as involve the setting of extra work and tuition after school.

Remedial program is compulsory on Middle School Grade 3-5, including Grade 2 from Lower School. Remedial must begin in Term 1, as part of the school Time Table.

Remedial program will need the Approval and Support of the Parents.

The program procedures are:

  • a teacher must identify students who are under achieving and list their names.
  • the names must be entered on a consolidated list for consultation with AEC and the Subject and Grade Co-ordinator.
  • send a Circular Letter inviting the respective parents concern to discuss ways of helping their children.
  • the discussion at the meeting is to identify strategies and delegation of responsibilities to help the children.
  • for Parents of Prep and Grade 1 students this will involve the setting of homework to be done under parental supervision.
  • for Parents of older students the strategies will include extra homework again to be done under parental supervision and extra tuition after school, mainly in Language and Mathematics.
  • organise with Parents Pick Up Time after school. Latest is 3:15pm.
  • Parents must sign an agreement with the school in which they promise to supervise homework, sign any homework under their care.

Parental Agreement is Mandatory.

  • Review program at the end of each week from the time of commencement.
  • AEC in consultation with Subject Coordinator are responsible for Entry Testing of Transfer-In Students from other school.