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College uniforms

Official College Uniform is to be worn every day to school and official College functions. Uniforms must be clean and tidy at all times. Torn or stained clothing and missing buttons are not acceptable. No under shirts or trousers must be seen hanging under the proper school uniform. All students are to wear black shoes and socks (white) each school day and at any other official function. On Sports Days MUST wear their sports uniform.

language and behavior

Students are expected to show a high level of good manners at all times. They must always be polite and well behaved. Students should show respect for visitors, teachers, prefects and fellow students. Swearing, fighting, abusive language and all other forms of unruly or dangerous behaviour are forbidden.

ENGLISH is the language that is to be used at all times both on the campus and at recognized College activities outside.


Excessive use of jewellery is not allowed. In particular boys are not to wear earrings and bracelets. Make-up, including nail polish is not allowed. Hair must be neatly cut, combed and clean. Students must be clean. Hair dying and excessive hair styles are not allowed in school, especially PUNK hair cut by boys and LONG HAIR EXTENSIONS by girls


Students are to show a high level of good manners at all times. The Principal is to be called Principal. Students are to address teachers by their surnames and call them Mr. or Miss in the classroom hours, or Uncle, Auntie during recess. A high level of respect for each other is expected of all students. “Please” “Excuse Me” and “Thank you” should be used as a compulsory exercise. Teachers are responsible to encourage and promote etiquette.


Students must observe basic hygiene standards. Students should have their morning shower or wash before coming to school. College toilets are to be used correctly. Students must wash their hands before eating and after going to the toilet. Students with personal hygiene problems should consult the College Counsellor or Class Patron/ Matron.

use of classrooms

Classrooms may be used at recess and lunch time for private study ONLY. Students are not allowed to play or take food into the classrooms unless it is raining. Students may not go into the classrooms of any other class except for recognised school activities. It is forbidden for students to sit, lounge or congregate on classroom stairways.

college property

Students must treat all school property with respect. No school property is to be used without a teacher’s permission.

All equipment must be used properly and returned in good condition immediately after use. Correct borrowing procedures must be used at all times.


Students must not destroy any animal or plant within the College. Students are encouraged to take care of all plants and animals in the college. Fires are to be lit only in the incinerator, under the supervision of a teacher.


Prefects have been given responsibility within the College and they should be respected and obeyed as legitimate student leaders.


A student must be responsible for his/her own rubbish. Littering is discouraged anywhere in the school grounds.

Students must be taught not to litter the College. Students must be taught to pick rubbish up it they see it and put it in the rubbish bins provided. Teachers and Students must cooperate to clean and keep classrooms clean and tidy at all times.


Students are “at school” whilst in the school area or attending a College arranged activity. Students are to attend school every school day unless there is a very good reason for absence. If a student is sick, a clinic card or a letter from a parent or guardian must be handed to the class teacher at the roll call period, on the student’s first morning back at school. If students are absent for any other reason than an illness a letter from a parent or a guardian must be handed to the class patron/ matron at Roll Call period on the student’s first morning back at school. If a student is likely to be absent for more than 2-7 days, a parent or guardian should contact the school to notify the relevant Deputy Principal. If a student wishes to seek permission to be absent from school for personal reasons, e.g; to attend a funeral, a parent or guardian must call and see either the Principal or Deputy Principal. Students must attend all lessons and scheduled College activities. A student who leaves school without permission, even for a short period of time, is assumed to be absent from school. A student who misses school for a total of twelve (12) school days shall be suspended for the rest of the year. The student is to repeat the respective grade. A student who misses 30 days of schooling is considered self-withdrawn as per Government Policy.


Students are expected to arrive at school by 7.45 am at the latest, in time for general and class assembly. All school activities must start on time. Teachers are responsible for moving students promptly and quietly in and out of classrooms to attend other learning activities.

afternoon activites

Afternoon activities generally include study or house sports or work parades. These are part of the College curriculum and are expected to be present and to participate to the best of their ability.

procedures for afternoon sports

13.1 All children MUST come to School in their full School uniforms (i.e. no sandshoes or sport footwear either!). They will NOT wear sport’s uniforms underneath their School uniforms, nor will they wear their School uniform over their sport’s uniform when going home.

13.2 ALL students and teachers involved in Sports afternoons MUST change during Lunch Break. Sports Instructor and/or Prefects MUST draw sports equipment from Resource Centre during Lunch Break.

13.4 After first period ALL students must walk silently to the Assembly Hall without disturbing classes who are not involved in Sports Afternoon. There will be NO exceptions i.e. students who may be exempt from physical sports for various reasons, including ‘feeling sick’.

13.5 Students will leave relevant classrooms with ALL their bags and homework, and will leave their chairs on top of their desks, and lights and fans turned off Prefects will ensure this is done, and report any student who fails to obey instructions

13.6 Students are to assemble in the Assembly Hall in Sports House order. The PE Supervisor of the School having the Sports Afternoon will conduct a roll call of each student on the Form provided and will NOTE those either absent, or without their sports uniform. Students who are persistently absent or without sports uniform will be brought to the attention of the Deputy Principal by the relevant School PE Supervisor, and their parents will be advised by the Deputy Principal Administration.

13.7 The relevant School PE Supervisor will separate those who are NOT able to undertake sports activities from those who are.

13.8 Those Unable to Participate Because of Sickness

A teacher will then take aside those not able to participate because of sickness and will instruct them and/or exercise them in non-more active elements of the sports program.

13.9 Those Unable to Participate Because of Disciplinary Concerns

A teacher will take these students to the Conference Room where they will reside during the sports afternoon and perform ‘punishment’ activities.

13.10 Any student requiring water will drink at the water fountain situated in the playground area. NO student during Sports activities is permitted back into the quadrangle except those wishing to go to the toilets. [It is expected that students will NOT need to go to the toilet significantly more than their regular use of these facilities during a class afternoon. Teachers should monitor using ‘going to the toilet’ as an excuse to skip sports.

13.11 At the end of the Sports Afternoon students are NOT to go back to classrooms. Sports teachers and/or Prefects are to ensure sports equipment is returned to the Resources Room

13.12 Sports Teachers are to submit Student Discipline Notes (Form AC 24) to the Deputy Principal before the end of the school day. Teachers will NOT suspend students from classes or forbid them to enter the School gates UNLESS they have been specifically directed to do so. This will normally be done after a series of infractions have been noted on Form AC 24, and parents have been advised of the consequences of continued infractions

wet weather

If it is raining, students must be taught to take reasonable precautions to ensure that their uniforms remain dry. Students will be permitted to eat lunch in the classrooms but must not leave any mess behind. Students must clean their feet before entering the classrooms.

religious instruction

Kopkop College is a Christian College, but recognises children from all faiths. All students will attend Religious Instruction lessons, if given, unless the Principal or Deputy Principal has received written instructions from a parent or a guardian excusing them.


travelling through and from college

Students are subject to school rules from they leave home in the morning until they return home in the afternoon. Students should travel straight to school in the morning and home again in the afternoon. Students should use common sense and be cautious when travelling to and from School. College uniform is to be worn on journeys to and from College and recognised school functions. On sports days children are to change during the lunch break.

college transport

When travelling on the College bus students must be seated and must keep all parts of their body inside the bus. Under no circumstance whatsoever, should students sit or hang out the windows. Likewise, when travelling on any other vehicle provided by the College, students should sit inside the vehicle and keep all parts of their body inside the vehicle


Students may order their lunches during the Roll Call period. At the canteen they are to line up correctly, never to push or shove and never to push in front of other students. Teachers are to encourage students to have a balanced meal for lunch. Duty Teachers, with the assistance of Prefects, will supervise students during Lunch Breaks.


Students may only enter the library if a teacher or the librarian is present. No bags may be taken into the library. Students will be fined for lateness in returning books. Students will be charged for replacement costs for loss of damaged books. Students must obey all current library rules.

smart phone, ipads and tablets

Mobile and Smart phones are permitted to Grade 11 and 12 students, but are banned for the rest of the students in Kopkop College.

Any such phone found in an unauthorized student’s possession will have their phones confiscated and parents will be called to retrieve them.

If necessary, urgent messages can be transmitted through the Main Office

shower block

All students must use the shower block in a proper manner. The Shower block is to be used after sports or Physical Education lessons. Students may enter the shower block only when a bath is required. Students are not to use the shower block to congregate for any other purpose or meeting etc. Students are to bring personal towels, soap or shampoo for use during bathing sessions.

first aid

The College has a Sick Bay. Minor ailments will be attended to by the Infirmarian in the Main Office. For more serious problems we will either call the Doctor nominated by the Parent/Guardian or we will get children treated at the Gerehu Hospital. Students must keep all sores covered with a clean dressing. Students who feel ill in the morning should go straight to a clinic or hospital — not to school. Students who get sick during the day must report to their Patron/Matron in the first instance. Students with contagious infections must not come to school but should seek treatment at their local clinic or hospital.