The teacher is the planner, designer, developer, coordinator, facilitator, evaluator, guide, mentor, role model, reporter and overall overseer of the student’s academic, physical assessment and evaluation performances. The teacher is responsible for his/her own organization and planning to meet the projected key learning based outcomes.

Classroom Work

The classroom teacher is the only person who is privileged to get to know the student holistically whilst working together in the classroom. This means that the teacher is obligated to provide quality data information for the assessment of the student’s academic learning based on the student integrally.

 Teacher – Student Work Relationship

The successful result of the SAP is obtained from the culmination of the passionate and humanistic work relationship, between the Student and the Teacher.

Teachers must be alert at all times that Assessment is the collection of information on the performance and progress of the student in and out of classrooms. Evaluation is a judgement of the performance and progress of students.

 Students Homework

Students are scheduled to do homework in the 40 week per annum. Teachers are responsible for providing homework for the 40 weeks. Parents must be encouraged by the teachers to assume the responsibility to encourage, support and to check student’s homework each day of school.