“Providing an Alternative Pathway to Secondary Education”

Kopkop College is a Registered Study Centre (RSC) that pursuers excellence in the provision of quality education in a vigorous and progressive environ-ment which embodies the most desirable family-centred and traditional values.

Our Vision is to provide the Papua New Guinean Child with the Best Education in a conducive and healthy environment, with the Best of our Family, Cultural and Traditional Values.

The Child is the fruit of Human Love. The Child is the first potential resource that must be nurtured and developed fully, in order to develop and construct the human potentials for family, and nationhood building.

Kopkop College is a Permitted Private Educational Institution committed to Academic Excellence in a traditional and a disciplined family environment. The College Mission is to give each student the best possible relevant education to prepare them for life in Papua New Guinea or anywhere else in the world.

Course Pathways

The courses taken will depend on the reason for studying. 

Generally we Provide:

Upgrading Your Subjects This is for those students who have sat one of the National Examinations. Full Time Correspondence Studies This is for students who are studying all subjects in any of the grades

Full Time Correspondence Studies This is for students who are studying all subjects in any of the grades

Grade 12 Course outline

Business Studies

  • Module 1 _Communication and Management
  • Module 2_ Managing Operations
  • Module 3_ Managing People 
  • Module 4_Preparing for the future


  • Module 1 (Unit 12.1)_ Applied Writing
  • Module 2 (Unit 12.2)_ Focus on Literature 
  • Module 3 (Unit 12.3)_Biography
  • Module 1 (Unit 12.1)_ Reading and Writing for Sharing
  • Module 2 (Unit 12.2)_Biography and Autobiography
  • Module 3 (Unit 12.3)_ Literary Analysis
  • Module 4 (Unit 12.4)_ Critical Reading and Writing


  • Module 1_ Information System
  • Module 2_ Networking Systems
  • Module 3_ Network Basics
  • Module 4_ Network Softwares


  • Module 1_ Sets
  • Module 2_Sequence and Series
  • Module 3_ Binomial Expansion
  • Module 4_Determinants
  • Module 1_ Scales and Dimension
  • Module 2_Perimeter and Area of Triangle
  • Module 3_ Surface Area and Volume
  • Module 4_Surveying


  • Module 1_Decolonisation and Independance 
  • Module 2_Changing World
  • Module 3_ Papua New Guinea as a Nation


  • Module 1_A Micro-Economic 
  • Module 2_Government Economic Policy Strategies
  • Module 3_The Global Economic


  • Module 1_Resource Use and Management
  • Module 2_Urbanization and Industrialization
  • Module 3_Comparative Studies 


  • Module 1_ Ecology
  • Module 2_Population
  • Module 3_Genetics
  • Module 4_Evolution


  • Module 1_Masses, Moles and Concerntration
  • Module 2_Acids, Bases and Salts
  • Module 3_ Electrochemistry
  • Module 4_ Carbon Compounds
  • Module 5_ Natural Resources and Chemical Industries in Papua New Guinea. 


  • Module 1_ Fluids
  • Module 2_ Temperature and Heat
  • Module 3_ Waves
  • Module 4_ Electromagnetism
  • Module 5_ Radioactive and Nuclear Energy 

Subject and Course Programs

Our school is divided into three (3) Schools


Personal Development

Social Science


Making a Living


Personal Development


Social Science

Business Studies

Mathematics - Mathematics A / Mathematics B

Science - Biology / Chemistry / Physics

Social Science - Economics / History / Geography

Business Studies

Information Technology