Kopkop College formerly known as bambi Primary school, was established in 1982 by Bubu Maria Kopkop CSM OBE. In 1984 it embarked on its pre—school program. The following year the Education Department endorsed Bambi as a permitted elementary school with 140 children for prep and grade 1, completing grade 5 in 1999. In 2000 it became a fully-formed primary school with its first grade 8’s graduating in 2004.

Following the enrolment of students in grades 9 and 10, and graduating its first lot of grades 10’s in 2006, came the development and infrastructure for grade 11 and 12 students. Its pioneering grade 12 students graduated in 2011.

Now known as Kopkop College, the institution endeavors to create a culture of excellence with its academic staff, students and management. Kopkop College rides on the philosophy to produce children with positive results. Student’s academic performance is measured in terms of learning outcomes and indicators. Its vision is to pursue excellence in the provision of quality education in a vigorous and progressive environment which embodies the most desirable family-centered and traditional values.


While an academic outcome is paramount, Kopkop College is also concerned about the development of the student. The college is committed to helping children attain the highest level of their personal potential academically, socially physically and spiritually. Kopkop College is committed to delivering a traditional and disciplined family environment that accepts and celebrates cultural diversity. It aims to develop people who can make a contribution to community development. Thus, the curriculum provides opportunities for specialist studies in business management, computing and leadership development.

The school provides a curriculum specially modified in line with the requirements of the Outcome Based Curriculum. The primary reason for adapting a modified curriculum is to improve standards of learning. For this to be archieved, teachers must desire and posses clear purpose and focus on what must be taught, assessed and monitored. Students must also know what they will learn and how they will be assessed.

The key elements prepare students by helping them to be capable and confident learners and to apply knowledge and skills in home and work situations. They learn to adapt and fit into social environment both in and out of school.

The teachers of Kopkop College strive to ensure these expectations are reached by formulating student-centered program management systems that give focus and direction to the individual student’s learning.

A carefully designed homework system is offered by Kopkop Colelge in order to reinforce the student learning to actively involve parents in the education of their children.

The students are also encouraged to participate in educational programs to develop their skills and knowledge. The secondary school students and their teachers participate in science fair exhibitions where the students and teachers showcase science and technological innovations.

Teachers and their students are encouraged to take visits to places where their application of particularly social science concepts can gain more insight from real-life experiences.

Kopkop College Executive director Bubu Maria Kopkop CSM OBE said, “ it our responsibility to be sure all student’s experience a feeling of success which will in turn develops self-worth, personal integrity and individual dignity. To accomplish our purpose, we must work together as partners, students, teachers, administration, board of education and community.

Bubu Maria acknowledged the parent’s role as primary and continuing educators of their children. She added “Kopkop Colelge encourages and appreciates parental and community interest and participation within the school.

We recognize the importance of a strong positive working relationship amongs these groups and will work to provide rewarding experiences for all in our continuing effort to achieve quality education for our students.

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