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Satchell ben

Principal Primary School, Port Moresby Campus

MESSAGE FROm principal primary

Kopkop College has a unique and friendly working environment. The sense of togetherness and belonging pushes one to take ownership and bring out their innovative and creative side.

You just have to experience it to believe it.

As the Primary school principal for Kopkop College, I hope to have all the classroom equipped with teaching and learning resources that will maximise our output product. I am focusing on Big Books, Class Readers, Classroom Kits for Language, Mathematics and Science and the use of digital (audio/visual) teaching and learning.

In the long term I hope to incorporate into the Primary School Curriculum and offer to our clients (parents) Swimming Lessons and the effective teaching of Game Skills. This will mean getting the infrastructure set and hiring of a swimming and Physical Education teacher.

In the short term I hope to have all Primary School Academic Staff and the Librarian and the Resources Center Office issued with two sets of uniforms. The Primary School’s Fundraising Committee and has kick-started the fundraising drive and we are optimistic that by the end of Term 3 a total of 28 Staff attached to the Primary school will be issued two sets of uniforms.

Through the fundraising committee, new Prefect’s vests were purchased. This has made our prefects to be visible while on duty.

Our Primary teachers are working smarter amidst the COVID-19 threats. This resulted in the successful completion of cycle of content delivery, assessment and reporting of student’s academic progress in semester 1 of 2021.

We have had improved assembly presentations which has helped to build confidence in public speaking and presentations.

Student and Staffs are embracing the College Motto-“Strive to do better” to be creative and innovative.

Other major areas like the Primary School Curriculum and Assessment Policy Review is ongoing and the outcome will be achieved by the end of the academic year.




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