The parents roles and responsibility

Assessment Period

There are tow (2) assessment period per year


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum embraces the four pillars of education as stated in our schools philosophy

Transport Department

Official College Uniform is to be worn every day to school and official College functions. Uniforms must be clean and tidy at all times

Parents Roles and Responsibility


The Role and Responsibility of the Parents or Guardians towards their children’s Well-Being and Quality Home Management.  The Parent or mum and dad are the essential Home Tool. The role and responsibility of mum and dad are critical and significantly important in student’s health and education Life and Well-Being. These are essential recommended way forward for Family Home Environment and Family Management, such as:

  • Develop the role and responsibility of students at home;
  • Develop and maintain a culture of Team Work and Team Participation in home family management through monthly family meeting, allow senior members to be responsible for the meeting agenda;
  • Develop a family yearly home and budget plan and program;
  • Develop a family program on the importance of Nutritious Diet & Water;
  • Develop home rules in order for students to take owner ship of each personal items and action;
  • Develop a monitoring timetable to cater for home work at home;
  • Develop general hygiene and cleanliness culture for better healthy environment, such as educate children and other members of family within the house hold to keep wet areas clean and dry at all times;
  • Develop each meeting timetable to discuss and teach children about health, physical and psychological social problem such protect children against chewing buai and smoking.