Key staff

Mary jacinta udu

Director Internal Quality Assurance  

Key message to the school

I have been very fortunate over the last 20 years to have been able to offer my professional teaching skill and knowledge in various private schools in Port Moresby. With the schools I’ve worked with, my goal has been to continuously grow with the organization; learn from students and their parents, and learn from individual staff members. One of my aspirations as the Director Internal Quality Assurance of Kopkop College would be to work as an education consultant within the given pedagogical and school administration boundaries.

Each working day I look forward to learning new things, improving processes or finding ways to solve problems, and just being part of the Kopkop College Family.

My colleagues and I share the same vision in that striving to do better remains part and partial of being dedicated to working in Kopkop College. We relate to each other like we are family members keeping in mind the Kopkop College culture of respecting each other’s role and responsibilities. I challenge myself each day to be the best I can be for the purpose of being a good role model. I have a personal philosophy that goes something like this; I believe in helping people to help themselves that one day they will learn to help others.

Kopkop College has human resources that are passionate and have deep expertise about teaching others. In the next 5 to 10 years, I would like Kopkop College to be an affiliated institution for training teachers and other school personnel in specific skills; that is something I know I have the opportunity to do here. As long as I am with Kopkop College I will endeavour to explore the finest educational provisions for Papua New Guinean children. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing educationists and school administrators, and so developing into a great professional educator and school administrator myself is something I’m really excited about. 

I look forward to further development in all aspects of the Kopkop College community


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