Parent Ravu Tanu-daughter Esther Ravu in Grade nine.

“This year was the first time I brought my daughter to Kopkop College for her to do her grade nine.

“I transferred her from her former school and the interesting thing was that I got information from my sister whose three children are schooling here, and I could see changes in her kids, and I noticed how her kids were speaking and behaving and I knew that something better was in this school.

The desire of my heart to see children developing, I found it in these three kids and so when my daughter completed her Grade eight, we tried everywhere and we couldn’t go through and so the only hope I had was here at Kopkop.

“The amazing thing was that when I came into the admin office, there was a smile on every officer and I felt very comfortable and at peace and I knew that my daughter was going to school here.         

“When she started schooling, I begin to know all the teachers, the principals.


“In her former school, they were not dedicated unlike Kopkop College. My daughters always talk about the new things she learns everyday the great teachers she has.

“Like the last time my daughter led the morning assembly and the good thing is that what they learn here is very encouraging like the saying that goes “you will be a future leader,” that’s what I love about Kopkop College being able to give kids the opportunity to expose their talents and clearing the fears and unbelief amongst kids to do greater things.

Parent 2:
Noella Wiau whose son is in Grade 1 says, “Kopkop College they go at the child’s learning pace and they tried to work with the students at their pace and if they see that the kid is struggling they work at their level, encourage them which is good.

And for parents who are slacking off, these teachers step in and they help the child. Also, they also communicate with parents to let us know they are lacking in learning areas to support to our children.

And its good because there’s always the parent, teacher communication.

Parent 3.

Parents of Grade five student Izikiel Pitalot and Janelle Pitalot in Grade 3, Helen Pitalot and Leonard Pitalot “Im really impressed with the school and I’ve seeing a lot of changes between my two kids how they’ve performed from being at the government run school into Kopkop.Im really happy with the progress and how the parent-teacher conference communicates with us parents. The service here is excellent.

And im really impressed with these school and I see the future of kids here.

This is our son’s second year at Kopkop, he came here in grade four and for our daughter it was a great improvement since she arrived from a private run school.

“Her performance in the former school was really disappointing but when she came to Kopkop she did so well. We’ve seeing progresses in her writing, language and mathematics. And through the parent teacher conferencing as well she’s really improved.

“During the teacher parent conferencing the teacher normally talks abou the weakness of the child and how they are performing in class and encourages us to help our kids to perform. Like right now I went for a one-on one interview with my son’s teacher and he told me he’s doing well and that made me very proud.

It just shows that the school also recognizes my son being a prefect in Grade 5, I have never been a prefect and seeing him makes me so proud because I also see that leadership in him at home. Having the school recognizing the talents our children have is wonderful and I’m proud of the way Kopkop College is molding our kids.

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